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    December 11th, 2006 Mutual Fund Retirement Assets Surpass $10 Trillion Mark

    A study conducted by Investment Company Institute concluded that the combined total value of US mutual funds has surpassed the $10 trillion mark. The size of the mutual fund investments has increased by $286 billion, up 2.9% from last September. The largest amount of growth was seen by stock funds, growing up to $5.67 trillion, up 3.8% from last September.

    Investors also put a lot of their money into long term investment funds such as stocks, bonds, hybrid funds and mutual funds. Edward Giltenan, a SpokesPerson for the Investment Company Institute says investors are willing to put their money into mutual funds, even if the markets perform poorly.

    How does all this relate to 401k retirement plans? The Investment Company Institute says that 1/2 of all 401k plan retirement assets are invested in mutual funds.

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    401k Participants Okay Investment Decisions but Worry About Running out of Money During Retirement
    In a recent 401k survey conducted by the New York Life Investment Management LLC (NYLIM), many 401k participants agreed that they are making the correct investment decisions when it comes to investing their retirement savings, but still worry that they will not have enough money to survive on upon retirement. The survey had a sample population of 8,958 401k participants and 60% of them acknowledge that they are making the right investment decisions. However, only 40% out of all 401k participants are certain that they will not run out of money upon retirement. (Read Full)

    401k Leads USA's Private Retirement Plan List
    A study conducted by the Investment Company Institute found that 401k Retirement Plans are the #1 Retirement Saving Investments made by working people in the USA. This study comes at a time when 401k plans are turning 25 years old (the official birthday of 401k plans is on November 10, 2006). 401k Retirement Plans now have 47 million active participants, which is more than double the size of Private Defined Benefit Plans that have about 21 million active participants. 401k Plans currently hold $2.4 trillion in retirement assets (liquid cash and investments) while private defined benefit & pension plans hold $1.9 trillion. (Read Full)


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