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    401k Trivia & Quizzes - Test Your Knowledge

    5) Roth IRA Contribution Limits from 2005 - 2009

    Sample Q:
    Which of the following is NOT an eligible income type to be able to contribute towards a Roth IRA?

    a) Professional Fees
    b) Tips & Gratuities
    c) Office Employment Income
    d) Dividends earned

    4) Quiz on 401k Rollover into IRA - Rules, Processes, Time & Fees Involved

    Sample Q:
    In which of the following circumstances can you NOT do a 401k Rollover?

    a) You quit your current employer and want to rollover into an Individual Retirement Account (IRA)
    b) You officially retire at age of 65
    c) You want to cash out your money with the sole intention of passing it onto your heirs
    d) You reach the age of 59.5 and want to withdraw your money

    3) Quiz on 401k Loans - Can You Withdraw Money from your 401k Account as a Loan?

    Sample Q:

    You can borrow upto ___% of your entire retirement savings from a 401k plan in the form of a loan:

    a) 25%
    b) 50%
    c) 75%
    d) You cannot borrow a 401k loan

    2) Quiz on Saver's Credit: 401k Contributions Tax Credit for Low Income & Middle Income Consumers

    Sample Q:

    The highest tax credit that you can get on 401k contributions is:

    a) $1000
    b) $1500
    c) $2000
    d) $2500

    1) Roth 401k FAQs Quiz

    Sample Q:

    Which of the following is the correct choice regarding pre-tax and after-tax 401k contributions:
    a) Pre-tax contributions are made AFTER taxes while after-tax contributions are made BEFORE taxes have been paid.
    b) Pre-tax contributions are made BEFORE taxes while after-tax contributions are made AFTER taxes have been paid.
    c) Both have no effect on gross taxable income
    d) None of the above



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